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Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers

The Cooling Towers Also Calles As Bottle Shape Cooling Towers.The Casing And Basins Are Designed To Withstand Severe Vibrations, High Wind Load And To Resist Corrosion.The Cooling Towers Consists Of Honey Comb PVC Fills In Design That Maximum Economy And Efficiency And Directly Driven Fan And Motor “minimum Drift Losses” Uniform Distribution Of Hot Water By Rotating Arm Sprinkler.

Hot Dipped Galvanised Hardware To Withstand Wind Forces. The Bottle Shape Makes Possible To Provide Maximum Cooling Efficiency In Minimum Plan Area With Lower Energy Consumption.Round Shape Cooling Tower That Performs Under Induced Draft Counter Flow Principle For The Operation.The Hot Water Enters Through Hot Water Inlet That Passes Through Sprinkler By Perforated Branch Pipe Which Distributes The Water Evenly.This Water Is Spread Over The Heat Exchange Fills. Then, The Water Flows Downward As A Thin Film Through The Fill In Direct Contact With Ambient Air Moving Upwards In A Counter Flow Direction.

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